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Information on Silverplate Brands

Trademarks on silverplate are referred to by various names...
  • Mark
  • Brand
  • Stamp
  • Backstamp
  • Imprint
  • Trademark
  • Tradename
  • It all refers to the same thing.

    A silverplate brand is the name stamped on the back of the piece.

    Virtually every piece has a stamp with the exception of table knives which are often unmarked.

    What are they?
    Brands are assigned by the manufacturer and used to market and sell the item. Manufactured since the mid-1800's by hundreds of companies, there are hundreds of brands of silverplate.

    The first step in identifying a Pattern... is to know the manufacturer. Start with the brand and find out which manufacturer used that tradename. The links at the bottom of this page are set up to help you do that.

    How to do it...
    Look at the tradename shown on the back of your silverplate flatware item and find it in the list shown below.

    Read the item name carefully. Some of the names sound similiar. For example: Wm A Rogers is not the same as Wm Rogers. They were made by different companies.

    Use the information when buying replacement flatware... Dealers often categorize on-line listings by manufacturer.

    About this database... silverplate tradename database was started in 2009.

    Our goal is to catalog the brands we have in stock. As it grows, patterns associated with various tradenames will also be posted. The list will not be comprehesive as we are limited to our in-stock items.

    If yours is not here... email us and we will try to help.

    If you have an item with hallmarks and are not sure if your item is stainless, sterling or silverplate visit this link.

    This database is for SILVER PLATE
    Many of the companies that made silverplate also made sterling but the marks are different.

    STERLING Links: to find STERLING Silver Marks

  • American Sterling Silver Flatware Hallmarks
  • Info about buying Sterling Silver